UberMILITARY: Supporting Veterans on Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, we’re proud to honor the service members and military spouses who are driver partners with Uber San Diego.  On Monday, May 26th, by selecting the vehicle option UberMILITARY,  you’ll be driven by an uberX military spouse or veteran while also giving back to our local military community. For every UberMILITARY ride, Uber will donate $1 to the Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station, a local nonprofit organization providing critical assistance to wounded warriors and returning service members in their transition back to civilian life.


There are hundreds of service members partnering with Uber and moving riders around our city every day. We’d like to introduce you to a few of them.

Name: Carlos G.
Military Service: United States Marine Corps
Uber Partner Since: January, 2014
Carlos received a combat promotion to E-4, a Silver Star Medal, and a Purple Heart after being wounded in Iraq. Upon returning home, Carlos pursued a civilian career but was unable to secure employment after several months of job searching. About to lose his house and car, Carlos started partnering with Uber and was able to turn things around.

“I found out about the possibilities of Uber and that gave me a light of hope. I apply myself 100% and see great monetary results and meet amazing people.”

Name: Ernesto M.
Military Service: United States Navy
Uber Partner Since: February, 2014
Ernesto is a five-year veteran who has completed tours in Iraq and South America. His experiences in the military helped him to become a more efficient and dynamic young man.

“It’s been an awesome experience partnering with Uber. The best part is that I control my hours and income. The joy of being out and about and meeting great riders is awesome! I see myself with Uber for a very long time! Uber On!”

Name: McKinley J.
Military Service: United States Air Force
Uber Partner Since: December, 2013
McKinley served in the United States Air Force for 23 years, his last position as a Communications & Squadron Commander.  He’s now a retired veteran partnering with Uber and uses his military skill set to thrive on the platform.

“I serve and protect my riders from driving infractions by personally driving them to and from social events. I communicate with them in a courteous manner, making them feel good about using Uber. The feedback that I have received from my riders makes me just as proud to be a partner with Uber as I was serving my country.”

Name: Ahmed, A.
Military Service: Operation Iraqi Freedom
Uber Partner Since: October, 2013
Ahmed drives with UberSUV along with his three brothers. Prior to working with Uber, Ahmed assisted U.S. Forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom by translating and identifying insurgents. The U.S. Embassy helped him and his family emigrate to the U.S., as their lives were in danger after assisting U.S. forces. Once in the U.S., Ahmed and his brothers weren’t making enough money to support themselves. After learning about Uber from a friend, Ahmed purchased an SUV and has since added 2 more vehicles to his fleet.

“I’m so happy partnering with Uber. The flexibility allows me to continue my education while still earning money. So far, I’ve had nothing but great experiences with riders.”

Name: Armando, A.
Military Service: United States Navy
Uber Partner Since: January, 2014
Armando served in the U.S. Navy for 11 years as a Nuclear Machinist Mate. He completed a total of four deployments overseas – two while on the U.S.S. John C. Stennis and two while stationed on the U.S.S. Enterprise.

I became an uberX partner to enjoy the freedom of making my own work schedule and to make discretionary income. In doing so, I’ve met very friendly riders, which has made driving with Uber a fun experience. I also enjoy giving rides to people visiting San Diego, so I can recommend places in town for them to visit.”

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Stories like these make us proud to be #movingpeople in cities around the world. Whether you’re commuting to work, taking a quick trip to the store, or celebrating the holiday with friends, ride with #UberMILITARY to honor local veterans and make an impact with the simple press of a button.

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New to Uber? Take your first uberX ride on us! Simply sign up and enter UberMILITARY in the “Promotions” section of your app. That’ll give you $20 off your first ride. Redeem your free ride on Monday, May 26th with UberMILITARY and Uber will donate $1 to the Warrior Foundation.

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