#UberIMPACT: Better Serving Those Who Serve Us

Improving Reliability on Military Bases

With coverage spanning from Camp Pendleton to the Mexican border, hundreds of thousands of San Diegans, including service members, continually look to the Uber platform to meet their transportation needs. And in San Diego county, where more than 16,000 adult DUI arrests occur yearly, Uber provides a safe, reliable and affordable alternative to drinking and driving.

With rates that are 60% less than a cab, the uberX platform has been widely embraced by the military community. The safety and affordability of Uber has played a pivotal role in DUI prevention, as people have shown their willingness to rely on app technology for a safe ride, rather than risking a DUI, or worse, an alcohol-related vehicle crash. Each drunk driver who is replaced by a safe, professional, and sober driver-partner on Uber’s platform represents a considerable contribution to the welfare of veterans and their families in San Diego.

To better understand the rider behavior within San Diego’s military communities, we thought we’d take a moment to examine the demand for safe rides that exists within military base boundaries. We mapped out where users have opened their Uber app (eyeballs) within a San Diego military base. The map speaks for itself, showing that thousands of riders look to Uber to fulfill their travel needs while on base.


While demand for safe and affordable rides on bases continues to grow, there are some complex logistics behind satisfying the demand. Currently, less than half of the ride requests that originate on military bases are fulfilled, often because Uber driver-partners are unable to access the base. Leaders securing our military’s bases have the important and challenging task of balancing base security and access.

Uber is excited to offer innovative solutions to problems like drunk driving by offering service members and families a ride when they need one most. We will continue to set the highest standards in rideshare safety and hope to to ultimately integrate our technology and safety innovations with the standards of the military. We’re committed to improving the reliability of Uber on military installations and look forward to the continued collaboration with military and community leaders.

Hundreds of transitioning service members and military spouses have partnered with Uber in San Diego and are moving riders around our city every day. We’d like to introduce you to one of our UberMILITARY partners, Desirae.

Name: Desirae

Service: Prior Enlisted & Army Officer / Military Spouse

How are you making an #UberIMPACT? 

“We are enabling our service members to go out and enjoy time with their families and friends, and to do so safely. I am proud to be able to provide a service to them after they have so honorably served us.”

Tell us about a memorable ride you gave on the Uber platform.  

“I’ll never forget the experience I had with a rider who was a young Marine. I helped him better understand opportunities offered through the Military. At the end of the ride, he extended his hand for a solid shake and a sincere ‘Thank you’ for sharing with him about some college and retirement benefits that would be life-changing for him, as well as his future family. Very gratifying!”

Are you a member of the military community?



“As part of our safety brief when checking into the command, one of the major points is to make sure that everyone has Uber on their phone. With all the problems with DUIs in the military, Uber provides a much needed service that can help save careers and lives. I wish that Uber was able to drive on and off base in order to pick me and my buddies up right at our barracks on base instead of us having to walk another mile after we get dropped off at the gate.” – Steve, Lieutenant Commander, US Navy

“Uber offers a safe alternative to driving. I use Uber not only for a night out but to be dropped off at events like baseball games or a day at the beach, so not to combat traffic. Uber has changed the way I’ve used transportation and encourage it for all. The ease of the app coupled with qualified drivers makes it my go-to option for transportation for when I am not driving.” – Nick, Petty Officer Third Class, US Navy

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