Uber SF’s Best of 2013 List

For the pop culture savvy, “best-of” lists are a prominent part of December. These lists can be pretentious, but they usually get new things on your radar — whether it’s that band you’ve never heard of or a silent movie that won a bunch of awards at a film festival in Jakarta.

In the spirit of the season, we’d like present to you with our top eight Uber SF moments of 2013:

1. Price cuts on uberX and uberBLACK

In January, we dropped uberBLACK prices by 10 percent and drove uberX out of beta, bringing ballin’ on a budget much closer to reality. Once the California Public Utilities Commission made ride-sharing legal, we filled the streets with our low-cost transportation option.

Still, the thought of pressing a button on your phone and getting a ride seemed like some sort of dark wizardry. How could regular folks afford such a thing? To make Uber even more accessible, we cut prices again — making the average uberX fare cheaper than a taxi.

2. Expansion 

We brought those prices east into Oakland and Berkeley and added drivers in Redwood City, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Santa Clara and San Jose, so most of the Peninsula has access to affordable rides. We apologize if that’s too much of a humblebrag, but we’re proud of all the new cities Uber’s driving around in. And we can’t wait to keep moving.

3. On-Demand Promotions

We’re all about moving people well, but 2013 was a banner year for moving all sorts of other things. On National Cat Day (that’s in October, for those without the calendar reminder), we brought productivity to a standstill by showing up to offices around the Bay with a car-load of kittens. Yes, you can haz kittens.

We celebrated love by bringing you serenades, celebrated summer by bringing you Ice Cream, celebrated winter by bringing you Christmas trees, and most importantly, celebrated time travel by bringing you Deloreans.

These pop-up promotions are fun and sometimes silly, but they did some good as well. With uncertainty surrounding the BART strike, we shuttled people across the Bay on boats, we helped a local icon raise money to open her own store and yes, we even found homes for a few of those shelter kittens and helped support the SFSPCA.

4. Uber + Festivals

That whole “work hard, play hard” motto didn’t go anywhere this year. The city of San Francisco is still no stranger to a good party, and we’re no stranger to getting you there.

We navigated festival goers through the nightmare that is Outside Lands transportation (we’re all about spreading the love, but sometimes the bus gets a little too close for comfort), played Shepard to wine aficionados at Bottlerock and helped you stand out at Bay to Breakers. At B2B, some “racers” even made it out ‘till noon!

5. Fare Splitting

Ah, remember back when you had to say “I’ll get you back” or “I got the next one” when hopping in your pal’s Uber after a few beers in Hayes Valley? In July, we released the Fare Split feature so your friends who always conveniently forget their wallet didn’t have an excuse to not help with the bill. Fare splitting = fair splitting.

On December 31, fare splitting won’t be your midnight kiss, but when the night’s over and demand is high, it’ll probably be your best friend.

6. Convenience is King

Share my ETA came out in 2013: Friends, mothers, co-workers or your blind date can get real-time updates of your San Francisco whereabouts. Sorry if that foils your plans to say “heading home,” but hang around the bar for another 30 minutes because the Splash Brothers are on fire in the 4th quarter. Punctual riders, rejoice!

Ah, but what about those shades you left in your Uber last night? Or that really expensive top hat you bought at The Great Dickens Christmas Fair? We’ve got your back. With our Lost Items interface, you can search up the contact information of your recent drivers by logging on to your rider page or clicking the link at the bottom of any receipt.

7. New Payment Methods

Wait…you’re saying I can ride without cash or a credit card? Yep, that’s correct.

Now you can Uber with your Google Wallet or PayPal accounts. Try doing that in a regular ol’ taxi.

8. Looking Ahead

We’re thrilled with what we accomplished this year, and we couldn’t have done it without the wonderful riders here in the Bay. The best is yet to come, though! Here’s to Ubering in the New Year.

– Uber SF Team


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