San Diego #UberEverywhere

The City of Brotherly love was a beautiful stop on our globe-trotting #UberEverywhere journey. What’s next, you ask? One fine city. In fact, it’s America’s Finest City. Our beach bag is packed and flip flops are on as we hop across the country to sunny San Diego.

The beaches and bustling streets of San Diego met Uber on June 6th of 2012, just in time for summer. Nicknamed the Duck City, Uber SD hustled to get operations up and running and launched with pro skater Tony Hawk as SD’s rider zero. Since then, Uber SD has added low cost uberX and expanded into both North County and South County.


San Diego, a city known for having more transplants than most, is all about sunshine and adventure. (Smart) east coasters and Midwesterners ditch the snow boots and head west to hike, surf, and swim their way around San Diego. So where does one go in America’s Finest City? We hopped in a fuel-efficient uberX and visited our sea lion friends at the La Jolla cove, saw the sailboats in the harbor, and got a glimpse of the heart of San Diego, the Gaslamp District.


1. Balboa Park 

Balboa Park is not just one sight to see, but several! Full of museums, historical architecture, botanical gardens, and the famous San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park is sure to amaze. Go for a quick stroll or spend the whole day. Either way, time well spent. Mind sufficiently blown.

2. The Cliffs at Torrey Pines

Some of the most amazing views in all of California are from the cliffs at Torrey Pines. Some come to walk a peaceful trail or rest by the stunning outlooks, while others get their hike on. There’s no shortage of monster hills. Capture the perfect sunset Insta-shot from the cliffs and watch the ‘likes’ FLOOD your feed.

3. Vin de Syrah 

How can we entice you without completely giving away the secret on this one? Well, let’s just say the entrance will make you laugh, or will completely confuse you. One or the other. Step inside to an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed room with eclectic beats and an impressive wine list. To top of the experience, a hidden camera lets you watch others as they struggle to find their way inside. Very entertaining!

4. Pacific Beach Boardwalk 

San Diego is all about the ocean. Whether you’re going for a jog, people-watching with friends (Hey, there’s Slomo!), or taking in a sunset, PB boardwalk can satisfy any mood. You can watch a dolphin hop waves as you sip on a drink at the bar. #beachlife

5. Fish Shop – Lastly, you haven’t truly experienced San Diego living without fish tacos. Fish shop has some of the best in town. Pair them with an IPA and you’ve got one solid evening, socal style.

Stay Classy,

Team Uber SD



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