Sail the Seven by Seven with Uber


This is a huge weekend in the Bay Area. Giants Playoff Baseball, Athletics Playoff baseball, Niners homegame, Hardly Strictly, Castro Street Festival, Italian Heritage Parade, Fleet Week 2012, and about 100 other events. We are dizzy just thinking about it. One Million extra people will be flooding into the City. And @Uber_SF will be waiting with open arms.

We have been studying festival maps and comparing the relationship between Matt Cain strikeouts and SUV trips. Uber is more than ready for this amazing weekend. But we will need your help. Follow these helpful tips:

There will be massive demand this weekend.

Surge pricing will most likely be in effect. You will always be notified of any increase in rates. If you are ready to hit the open seas (fleetweek joke!) in the most stylish and  comfortable way possible, accept and ride!

Cars will open up; Keep trying!

There will be a boatload (another one!) of people using Uber this weekend. It is a perfect way to get to all of these events. You might need to wait a bit longer to get a car. But keep trying! There will be a ton of drivers out there. Cars will be there for you!

Give your driver a call; Request away from crowds.

No need to put a message in a bottle (Ok. Time to stop. I’m embarrassing myself). If you need to contact your driver, just call them through the app. It will be a big help when navigating (ahh!) the large crowds. Also, request away from those crowds. It will be much easier to find a ride a few blocks away from a big event.

Now For The Fun Stuff.

We are especially excited about Fleet Week 2012. Fast sailboats, battleships, the Blue Freakin’ Angels! We wanted to get in on all this naval action. Friday, October 5, Everyone’s Private Driver will become Everyone’s Private Sailor. Uber drivers might be opening the port side door while wearing a jaunty Uber sailor hat.

These hats are not only for the drivers. We will be cruising around Pier 39 and Marina Green handing out hats to Fleetweek attendees. Find us and get a hat of your very own. Tweet a picture of you and your hat to @Uber_SF with the hashtag #PrivateSailor. Fair winds and following seas, Uberites!

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