Proud that our city is #MilitaryDriven

This May, we reflect upon National Military Appreciation Month and honor the current and former members of the armed forces. The commitment and drive of those who have served our country is unparalleled, and the Uber community truly values and respects the individuals who protect our freedom. Our appreciation extends far beyond just the month of May, but we’d like to take this time to introduce you to four #MilitaryDriven partners in San Diego.

These four driver-partners represent some of the top performers on the Uber platform. Veterans and military spouses have proven to be invaluable driver-partners. They have some of the highest driver ratings and consistently receive positive feedback from their riders. Uber is honored to have over 700 veterans and military spouses drive with our platform in San Diego, and we’re excited to connect many more #MilitaryDriven individuals to a flexible income-earning opportunity that the Uber platform provides.


Introducing some of the UberMILITARY partners that move riders around America’s Finest City…


NAME: Karl F.
BRANCH: United States Navy
UBER PARTNER SINCE: September, 2014


“The past 7 months working as a partner with Uber has allowed me connect with people from all around the world which makes me feel I am continuing my service to my community. One of the coolest moments I had recently, a rider asked me about my service and after learning where and what I did, at the end of the ride, each of the riders gave me a bit of a hug and thanked me for my service. I assure you, that has never occurred in any other gig.”

NAME: Salvador S.
BRANCH: United States Marine Corps


“During my time in the service, I have gained more than I’ve given. No words can describe how grateful I am to form part of the few and the proud, Semper Fi Marines. Partnering with Uber means more than just driving, it’s the ability to provide a safe and reliable service to our community.”

NAME: Desirae S.
BRANCH: United States Army


“We are enabling our service members to go out and enjoy time with their families and friends, and to do so safely. I am proud to be able to provide a service to them after they have so honorably served us. I’ll never forget the experience I had with a rider who was a young Marine. I helped him better understand opportunities offered through the Military. At the end of the ride, he extended his hand for a solid shake and a sincere ‘Thank you’ for sharing with him about some college and retirement benefits that would be life-changing for him, as well as his future family. Very gratifying!”

NAME: Clayton F.
BRANCH: United States Marine Corps


“I made it back home to my friends and family so my military experience was as good as anyone could ask for. The reason I enjoy driving with Uber is because it gives me the flexibility I need to get through school, learn this new city I’m in, and meets lots of new people.”

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