Uber Launches Palo Alto with Flat Rates!

UPDATE: Some of Uber’s max fares have changed due to price testing & fare developments. Please refer to our pricing page at http://uber.com/pricing for up-to-date pricing.


We’ve heard you loud and clear…Uber is starting its march southward and opening up our Palo Alto service.  Along with our Palo Alto Tech Smackdown between Facebook and Google to kick things off, we’re also announcing special flat rates for the peninsula.

We’ve provided a Q&A below with the juicy details:

Q:  So you’re launching in Palo Alto.  What happens if I try to use Uber in Menlo Park, Mountain View, or San Mateo?

A: Anyone in the peninsula can use Uber.  If a driver is less than 12 miles away, he will be available for request.  Keep in mind however,  long pickups mean long pickup times.  If you request a car that’s far away, respect the driver’s time and make good on your commitment to him.

Q:  Flat rates??!!  What’s the deal with the new flat rates in the peninsula?

A:  Here they are!

  • Palo Alto (and nearby) to SFO: $85
  • Palo Alto (and nearby) to city of San Francisco: $115
  • North of Highway 84 to SFO: up to $65
  • Palo Alto (and nearby) to SJC: $75

*Palo Alto zone defined as the area bounded by the Highway 84 on the north, Page Mill Road/Oregon Expressway on the south, 280 on the west, and the bay on the east.

Q: What the heck will I use Uber for down here?

A: Outside of the commute, Uber is good for much of the same things in the burbs as in the city.

  • Getting off CalTrain and going to a meeting
  • Date night with a special someone
  • Quick reliable rides from one meeting to another
  • Entertaining a business client
  • Nightlife with friends
  • Events or parties near your office, campus or home
  • Getting to and from the airport painlessly

Q: Do you guys have enough availability?

A: We’re making sure we have a baseline of a few cars working in Palo Alto at most times.  That said, the way to make sure pickup times go down is for Uber to be coordinating the most number of rides.  So Uber Faithful, we’re counting on you to help us spread the word (and get credits)!

Q: I thought the whole Facebook – Google Smackdown meant that only Facebook and Google employees could get pickups in Palo Alto.  Is the contest over?

A: The Facebook – Google Smackdown contest continues. HOWEVER, after many of the Uber Faithful decried not having their Uber Southern Comfort, we decided to open things up to everyone for the last week of the contest.

Q: I’m so excited. I’m so excited. I’m so excited.  YESSSSSSSS!!!!!! Uber’s in the peninsula!  Woohoooooo!!

A:  Umm, …that was not a question but we DEFINITELY share your excitement!  Thanks for all your support guys.  Keep spreading the Uber Love, and you can look forward to the Uber army to be spreading to more locations soon ☺


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