Lights, Camera, Uber Sundance!

We’re putting on our parkas and heading to Park City this year for the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. Uber’s super excited to take all of the notable actors going indie and the up-and-coming film makers from destination to destination. Oh, and we most certainly can’t forget the most important piece of the Park City puzzle… you, the film aficionado!



If you can expect anything from Uber when it comes to on-demand ideas, you can always expect the unexpected. Uber Sundance is no different. This time we thought hard about what Uber riders need in 21 below weather while waiting in line for tickets. #UberCocoa is on-demand, local gourmet hot cocoa provided by The Riverhorse on Main, a Forbes 4 Star and DiRōNA Award winning restaurant.. All you have to do is tap the Uber app and we will come wherever you are to deliver sweet salvation from the epic cold. #UberCocoa is $15 for 2 cups of cocoa ($7 for each additional cup up to 6 cups). Plus we’re gonna give you one pair of touch screen gloves (per order) to keep your fingers warm when requesting your ride (while supplies last)

– Select the Hot Cocoa option at the bottom right of the screen.
– Set your location and tap Set Delivery Location.
– You’ll receive an alert and #UberCocoa will arrive.
– #UberCocoa will be available in Park City only.
– Dates for #UberCocoa will be available Saturday morning (1/19) and Sunday morning (1/20) starting at 7am. **in addition to other select times**
– Make sure you take photos and tweet love to @Uber_Sundance #UberCocoa!


Uber SUVs at Sundance

Sundance is well known for launching the careers of aspiring actors/directors, as well as giving a true look into the talent of many of the big names you are used to seeing on the silver screen. Another thing Sundance is known for is the weather. It’s cold. REALLY cold. This year you can find refuge in a toasty Uber SUV while making it from party to premiere or premiere to party. Whether you are traveling from Park City to Salt Lake, or just down the street from the venue to your hotel, Uber will take you there.

We’ve got your back!

We know it’s not always easy to get around in a city you don’t live in, and if you are coming from somewhere sunny, slush and snow may not be your forte. Never fear, Uber has your back!


Why take an Uber?

  1. Uber is on-demand: We are there right when you need us.
  2. Uber is hot: Not just in the euphemism, but also in temperature. We’ll keep the car warm for you.
  3. Uber is everywhere: Well not everywhere yet, but we are in 23 cities to date.
  4. Uber is easy: Just pull up the app and request a car. No cash, no tip.
  5. #UberYeti – he’s like santa, but a Yeti, and lives exclusively in the Utah mountains during Sundance.
  6. #UberCocoa – On-demand hot cocoa

If you want to survive the snowy streets of Utah this January at Sundance, use Uber as your ally and tap that app!

Team Uber Sundance.

P.S. #UberYeti comes bearing gifts. Follow us at @Uber_Sundance for updates!

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