Introducing UberARTIST: Celebrating Drivers in the Arts

When Paige moved to Los Angeles from Houston to pursue her dream of becoming a musician, she needed a flexible way to pay the bills that didn’t cut into a busy schedule of band rehearsals and late-night shows. She started driving with Uber, which allows her to keep her passion front-and-center.

Like Paige, more than 60% of driver-partners have full or part-time careers outside of Uber.* And it may not come as a surprise that here in Los Angeles — the home of Hollywood and a hub for arts and culture — people pursuing careers in arts and entertainment make up a large group of partners who drive on the Uber platform.**

At Uber, we’re all about celebrating the people and places that make cities like Los Angeles unique. That’s why, in the days leading up to International Artist Day, we announced UberARTIST — a campaign to celebrate Uber driver-partners like Paige who are pursuing their passions as artists and entertainers in the City of Angels.

Interested in signing up for UberARTIST? Tell us about your passions and we will reach out to driver-partners with more details! Not a driver? Sign up to drive here.



We’ll also be continuing to sit down with driver-partners to learn more about what makes them tick, where they go for inspiration, and how they get those creative juices flowing — on and off the road. And as a way to help build the UberARTIST community, they’ll introduce us to their fellow partner-artists through their favorite mediums — photography, video, art, and more.


Randy, driver-partner and artist, in his Downtown LA studio. Photo taken by partner and photographer Nitin. 

Check out their stories:

Filmmaker and Photographer Nitin 

Photographer and Teacher Dan

Painter and Student Randy

New Dad and Painter Clairfoster

Bassist and Member of LA-Band Nightjacket Steve


We held two events showcasing partners from various art communities: an Art Show on Tuesday, October 27, and a Music Showcase on Wednesday, October 28. Learn more about the events and the drivers who participated. Check for more events soon! 


UberARTIST isn’t just about driver-partners — it’s also about celebrating their stories and art with new audiences. We teamed up with Society6 and created a special art experience on Saturday, October 24. Check out more here


Every day, we meet driver-partners who are shaping the creative landscape of the city we call home by painting, filming, writing, performing, and much more. We are excited to continue to share their stories with you and build a thriving UberARTIST community in Los Angeles. connecting them to new audiences and one another, while celebrating their incredible contributions to the arts and culture of the city we all call home.

*This statistic is from a survey of U.S. driver-partners

** This statistic is from a LA New Partner Survey, May 2015. 

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