Welcome To #UberLoyalty

You know who you are. You take Uber EVERYWHERE. To the bar, to the grocery store, to the airport, the list goes on. You’re committed to #UberLoyalty, and this summer we want to reward you for ordering all those Ubers around PHX.

WHAT IS #UberLoyalty?

#UberLoyalty is aimed at rewarding the top 500 riders each month in Phoenix, Arizona. Think that’s not you? Think again, sometimes the difference from rider 501 to 500 can be one ride

We reset your opportunity to be a top rider at the beginning of each month…so if you didn’t make it this month, you might hit #UberLoyalty status next month. With #UberLoyalty you can get:

  • Big Uber credit drops for your Uber account.
  • Small Uber credit drops for runners up.
  • VIP access to parties and events.
  • Staycations at awesome local hotels.
  • Relax poolside with complimentary cabanas.
  • Hookups to local restaurants and bars.
  • MOAR cool rewards…


ARE YOU #UberLoyal?

We will email our top 1000 riders to let you know where you stand and if you make the cut, we will be rewarding you every month. Share with your friends for more chances to win (the more friends you have in the top 500, the better your chances of getting hooked up with a sweet cabana, or VIP tickets to awesome events). Since you told them, they’ll have to take you!

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Program only applicable for PHX, AZ. For a limited time only.


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