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“Don’t believe the scare tactics. HB 2262 protects the public while promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in Arizona.”[/h3]

– Tom Forese, Arizona State Representative and Sponsor of HB 2262.

Since Uber Arizona launched in 2012, hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors have experienced access to efficient, reliable and modern transportation options.  If Arizona truly intends to thrive as a destination for innovation and economic growth, its leaders should stand up for technologies like Uber and uberX.

The Facts About HB 2262

Despite what opponents might say about HB 2262, this proposed legislation would define “ridesharing” in Arizona, modernize transportation options, drive economic opportunity for thousands of individuals, and continue to ensure the highest levels of safety for the public.

In fact, here are a few things we’d like to clear up:

  • FICTION: “uberX has zero insurance on vehicles”
    • FACT: That’s simply not true. Uber carries best-in-class insurance coverage in the amount of $1 million per incident for liability, uninsured and underinsured motorist during every ridesharing trip – protecting riders, drivers and the general public. In fact, you can find our full commercial policy online.
  • FICTION: “uberX creates an unfair ‘playing field’ for the transportation industry”
    • FACT: Proposed legislation for HB 2262 would be more rigorous than nearly all current regulations in Arizona – this includes maintenance of a $1M commercial policy during trips (three times the current minimum for Arizona), extensive background and driving history checks prior to being a partner, annual vehicle inspections, operational protocols for receipts and billing, and a number of other safety standards that are actively being discussed with legislators as we speak!
  • FICTION: “uberX is no different than a taxi, so new legislation is unnecessary”
    • FACT: In only one years time, uberX has revolutionized the transportation industry in over 25 markets across the U.S.  This innovation enables everyday individuals to become true entrepreneurs – to use their personal vehicles part-time to make money on their own terms. uberX has forever transformed the traditional transportation model by:
      • Eliminating expensive vehicle leasing and dispatch fees – partners on uberX earn 80% of fares, it’s that simple
      • Eliminating minimum hours or set schedules – partners on uberX work whenever they want, and can accept or deny ride requests when it is convenient for them
      • Eliminating uncertainty of who they are picking up – partners on uberX are only connected to riders via the Uber app, that mean’s more info about who’s requesting a ride, no dispatcher needed, and zero street hail pickups to ensure everyone’s safety
      • Eliminating hidden fees to earn a living – partners on uberX have complete transparency into operations, and our technology empowers them to be true entrepreneurs

This legislation will help provide a safe, flexible and secure source of income for drivers while giving consumers the option to choose an affordable, reliable and safe way to move around their cities. Working together with legislators this bill will ensure that safety, innovation and consumer choice will continue to thrive in Arizona. Tell your representatives to stand up for innovation and consumer choice, not special interests.

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And show your support for Uber in Arizona by contacting your state representatives. Tell them to vote ‘YES’ on HB 2262 and show them that #AZLovesUber.

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