Meet Fred Rivera: Retiree turned Uber driver partner

When Fred Rivera retired from his job, he wasn’t quite ready to give up work. But when it came to the retired life, he really wasn’t ready to do nothing, either. That’s when his daughter told him about driving with Uber. “She told me, ‘Dad, you should try Ubering—you can work your own hours and […]

Have fun on your ride: Send a Snap

You made it into your Uber and you’re on your way to the fun—so why not share the fun? As soon as you’re on the trip, you can unlock custom Snapchat filters that share your ETA with your friends. Sometimes, other special filters are available depending on the trip. Riders who already use Snapchat will […]

Arriving Now: Snacks on Demand

Say goodbye to boring grocery snacks and discover your Love with Food experience! We’ve partnered with the snack-smart company to bring you 60% off organic and all natural goodies delivered right to your door.

Yuma, Your Uber is Arriving Now

Yuma, your Uber is arriving now! Starting at 12pm today, residents of Yuma will have access to the convenience and reliability of Uber. No matter where you need to go, Uber will be there to help you get around town at the touch of a button!