Visit London’s Top 10 Landmarks: 50% off your ride with our promo codes this Easter!

Uber riders are a busy bunch. Since our launch in 2012, we’ve moved hundreds of thousands of you around the city, to the suburbs and beyond!

With an estimated 16 million visitors to have touched down in London town last year alone, we began to wonder… which landmarks come out on top as the hotspots of tourism?

Sturdy spade in tow, we dug into the Uber archives to see where Londoners had been spending days off and Sunday afternoons.

According to our riders, Hyde Park comes out on top with more than double the amount of trips than to any other landmark! Battersea Power Station’s photogenic side secures a strong second place, and The Shard lives up to its physical height by coming in at the third most visited spot. (Check out the full Top 10 tourist spots in town in the graph below).

We think everyone should have a chance to visit the locations that make London so great, so this Easter we’re going to make it easier to get to them.

Between 5th – 22nd April, take an Uber to any of the London landmarks listed below using our dedicated promo codes and you’ll receive 50% off your ride!

We’ve included some handy recommendations of must-sees and fun facts whilst you’re there. We’re also running a competition to win a week’s FREE Uber rides. Just send us your pictures with the hashtag #UberLovesLondon for your chance to win. Full details here.

Looking for something to do this Easter hols? This is an opportunity to get out there and get round to exploring your city!

On your landmarks, get set, go!

Tate Modern


An eclectic mix of modern art and interactive exhibitions. Originally an old power station, the Tate Modern is one of the most visited art galleries in the world attracting 5million art-lovers every year!

Where? Southwark, SE1

Top tip: Grab a coffee at the 7th floor espresso bar for a fantastic view…

London Eye


Only the second wheel structure to have been built in London’s history (the first ceased operating in 1906), the London eye boasts visibility of up to 40km in every direction. The perfect spot to soak up city surroundings in one go.

Where? Waterloo, SE1

Did you know? Though there are 32 pods (one for each London Borough) their numbers run from 1 – 33; number 13 is omitted for good luck!

Top tip: Check out the surrounding Southbank’s Real Food Markets, running 11th – 14th and  18th – 21st April.

London Zoo


Officially the oldest scientific zoo in the world. Opened on 27th April 1828, ZSL London celebrates its 186th birthday this month. From Urban eco-safaris to recreated Bolivian rainforests, ZSL is the perfect mix of education and adventure.

Where? Regent’s Park

Did you know? The London Zoo Reptile house was used in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001), where Harry first discovers he can talk “parseltongue”.

British Museum 

Code: BM

Spanning two million years of human history, the British museum houses over 8 million items, making it one of the largest collections of art and antiquities from ancient and living cultures.

Where? Great Russell Street, WC1

Did you know? Officially the country’s most popular tourist attraction, the British Museum opened to the public in 1759 in Montagu House, which then occupied this site.

Royal Albert Hall:

Code: RAH

Built to promote the understanding and appreciation of arts and sciences, the Royal Albert Hall was strategically built in Kensington to neighbour other centres of education and culture.

Where? Kensington, SW7

Did you know? Over 350 events are held every year in the Hall’s auditorium

The Shard


Officially the tallest building in the European Union, the Shard offers a city view like no other. The 87-story structure offers three restaurants multiple viewing platforms.

Where? London bridge, SE1

Did you know? The average lift speed is 6 metres per second!

Somerset House


A large ‘neo-classical building’ in the heart of London, sitting between the Strand and the River Thames hosting art exhibitions, music concerts and seasonal activities.

Where? The Strand, WC2

Did you know? The courtyard gallery hosts one of London’s most exclusive collections of fine art.

Battersea Power Station

Code: BSP

One of London’s most iconic structures, this four-towered powerhouse is a significant reminder of industrial times.

Where? Battersea, SW8

Did you know? The Power Station is Europe’s largest brick building.

Natural History Museum

Code: NHM

Inarguably one of London’s most majestic sights, this landmark is worth seeing for its exterior alone.

Where? Cromwell Road, SW7

Did you know? For 200 years the iconic Natural History Museum in London has put together one of the biggest and most diverse butterfly and moth collections in the world.

Hyde Park


One of London’s either royal parks and the number 1. most visited tourist attraction for Uber London riders, Hyde Park is the quintessential spot of urban tranquility. Have a pic-nic, sail the Serpentine, just make sure you visit!

Where? Westminster, W2

Did you know? At the south end of Hyde park is Rotten Row, a famous bridle path. The road is almost four miles long (6,4 km) and is now used as a horse riding and jogging route.

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