At 25% cheaper than uberX, uberPOOL is here and making waves


output_PD2G95Yes, you heard right!

It’s Uber London’s cheapest way to ride!

uberPOOL is the smart new option that matches you with another Londoner heading the same way. Whether or not your journey is matched, you’ll save 25% compared to similar uberX trips.

How it works

  1. Slide to uberPOOL. Remember, each pick up is limited to two people.
  2. Enter your destination and request. By requesting, you agree to share your journey and first name with co-riders and pay a separate fare.
  3. Walk to your smart pickup point – we’ve timed it so you and your driver should arrive at around the same time.
  4. You could be matched with another Londoner heading in the same direction – either before you’re picked up or along the way.
  5. The app will choose the best drop-off point. You may be dropped off a short walk from your final destination to avoid detours.

Your guide to POOLing smoothly

  • To keep everyone moving, please make sure you don’t keep your driver or co-rider waiting longer than 2 minutes at your pick up point, otherwise there is a small cancellation charge of £2.
  • There’s room for luggage – just make sure you’re only taking up half the boot space
  • En route, our systems will be on the lookout for a match for you, meaning you can’t change your destination or ask for a different route
  • Travelling in a pair? The price you see will take into account an additional £1 charge for the second seat.
  • Please respect your co-rider by only using uberPOOL when in a state you’d be happy for your mother to see you in. You know exactly what we mean… 😉

It’s the uberX service you know and love – with added company! As with all Uber options in London, your driver is TfL-licensed, has undergone an enhanced background check and carries full commercial insurance. You’ll see your driver’s details and can track your car’s arrival in-app. You can also use the ‘Share my ETA’ function to send a live map of your journey.

Except for your first name, we’ll never share any of your personal information with your co-rider – so, if you’re lucky enough to be matched with your future boss / best friend / life partner on a trip, better make sure you get their number whilst you’re still in the car!

Questions? Check out our FAQs here.

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