Trip of the Week: Bourek Brilliance meets Motown Madness

Imagine the scene: It’s a Friday night, you’re heading from a busy day at the office to the hustle and bustle of Camden to take your place on stage to give the performance of a lifetime with the rest of your band, those hunger pangs have started to kick in but the bright lights are calling – what do you do?

Lawyer by day, star of hit motown band Motor City Revue by night, Uber rider Yohanna barely has time to stop and think -let alone worry about when she’ll fit in her next meal. Luckily, her stars aligned when her driver, Ervid, came along one Friday night.

Discussing London’s best cuisines on their journey, Ervid revealed himself as quite the connoisseur when it came to the Algerian delicacy Bourek – recommending the best spot to find it. Knowing she was already late, Yohanna let her hunger pangs win: at her request Ervid made his way to Holloway to find the best Bourek in town.

On arrival, Ervid patiently waited for Yohanna to make her order. Much to his surprise she returned with not one, but two tasty treats, chicken for her, cheese for him. They bonded and Yohanna felt that she had known Ervid forever – Ervid had no idea how much he had eased Yohanna’s stress after a long week and nerves before a big show.

Yohanna made it to The Blues Kitchen ready to give the performance of a lifetime with a satisfied appetite and a new friend.

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