Trip of the Week: A journey to be proud of

We were proud to be supporting London Pride only a few short weeks ago, so it seems only fitting that for this week’s Trip of the Week, we share this story of one rider’s perfect end to a perfect day at London Pride.

Jason had flown over from New York to join the festivities of London Pride, joined by his friends from London they’d had a great day filled with parade watching and food munching.

Day turned into night and at around 2am Jason and his friends decided to call it quits after dancing the night away at a club near Trafalgar Square. They needed to get back to London Bridge and with tube lines closed for the night Jason decided to request an Uber. Even though demand was high with the Pride party revellers all looking to make their way home, and surge pricing was in effect, Jason was still happy to foot the bill for an easy ride home for him and his friends – deciding they could owe him some drinks in return.

After a busy day and the sweaty club full of merrymakers dancing their hearts out, Jason was looking for a bit of peace and calm. Enter Mohammed, the Uber partner who was ready to answer their prayers. His cool and clean car was a respite for Jason and his friends after a chaotic evening, and they begun their journey to London Bridge.

When Mohammed found out Jason and his friends were celebrating Pride, Mohammed was very excited to announce he was also joining in the celebrations and had laden his car with boxes of chocolates to share with his riders on their journeys. But that wasn’t all, when Mohammed heard how hot the club had been and how thirsty the friends were, he opened his glove box and pulled out bottles of water for them all.

Jason tells us that while he and his friends sat back and relaxed enjoying their drinks and snacks Mohammed drove them home with perfection, managing the difficult re-routing and road closures as a result of the event with ease – bringing their great day to the perfect end.

Thanks Jason for sharing the tale of your London Pride adventure there’s a £100 credit on it’s way to you, and we’re also sending £100 and massive kudos to Mohammed for going the extra mile and joining in the celebrations.

If you have a Trip of the Week that you want to share with us for a chance to win £100 credit drop us a line at

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