The wait is over

Since our launch in August 2012, we’ve been working hard to be a safe, reliable ride in London. We’ve now reached a size and scale that means that, wherever you are in central London, an Uber can be with you in just 3 and a half minutes – the time it takes to drop your business card, pay the bill or do your final do-I-have-my-passport check.

Why wait?

With London Ubers now just a few minutes away, we’re updating our wait time policy. From today, your driver will wait for you for five minutes after he or she arrives. It’s not a problem if it’s taking you a little longer than expected to get out the door – it happens to the best of us! Just get in touch through the app to let your driver know. Come five minutes, they’ll give you a call to check where you are and may ask to start the trip or cancel it so you can request again. If you’re a long way off being ready (we’ve all been there), cancel within 5 minutes and before your driver has arrived to avoid any cancellation fee.

Last updated March 11, 2016

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