The mind behind the mirrors: Meet the drivers

Here at Uber London, our mission isn’t just to keep you moving around this city we call home – we’re also dedicated to providing opportunities for fair and flexible work for the drivers who use our platform to get you from A to B.

We love hearing your stories about those amazing drivers who’ve gone the extra mile to make your journey stand out. We also like hearing from our partner-drivers; about why they love working with Uber and what this work has allowed them to do.

Take Jamal, a mature student, who is using his work with Uber to fund getting the qualifications he wants: a BSc in Accountancy. For him, commitment to another job might compromise his studies but with Uber he can prioritise what’s important at the time: “When it comes to exam season, I can be in the library not the driver’s seat for as long as I need – and when the stress is over, I’ll be straight back on the road. Other jobs just don’t give you this kind of freedom.”

Rafique used to work in a commercial bank and spent three years building a well-known digital start up but prioritised taking regular career breaks so he could indulge his travelling bug. He says: “With Uber, I can earn a decent living and have flexibility to stop work for a day, a week or even a month to take the trips I want to. Also, as a practising Muslim, I can log out and go to the Mosque during prayer time then log back in afterwards – you just don’t get that kind of flexibility with another job.”

Ben is using his work with Uber to fund his own start up, logging on to pick up Uber riders in the morning and then dedicating the rest of the day to building his business. He’s also a big fan of the riders, saying: “They’re are polite, gracious and interested to hear about me and what I’m doing. Because they know my name before I even arrive to pick them up, they greet me like an old friend – it’s a great icebreaker and always gets the trip off to a good start!”

Meanwhile, Viktor is a full time Dad using the flexibility of Uber’s system to work around his number one priority: his daughter. He told us: “I can be there for her anytime she needs me!I can put her to bed and be there when she falls asleep – I’m not rushing out because I need to be at work. And then, thanks to Uber, I can be back by her side when she opens her eyes the next morning. For me, Uber means I’m not missing my daughter’s childhood.”

There are so many stories; from drivers who are using their work with Uber to change their lives, to drivers who are just relishing their new-found freedom to take their families out to the park on a Sunday afternoon.

So, next time you hop in the back of your Uber and you feel like chatting, strike up a conversation with your driver. #UberLove is so much better when it’s shared.

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