The driving force behind Uber: fostering entrepreneurship in London

Demand for Uber is high and we’ve been growing fast and furious since we launched here in London in 2012. Two years on, this kind of rapid expansion means thousands more drivers are needed to meet the demand. So, in true Uber style, we’re exploring innovative ways to power car purchases, bringing new, independent partner-drivers onto our platform and helping them build their own successful businesses – all to serve London riders better.

We are excited to be launching a pilot scheme that will give partner-drivers access to discounts on a range of new cars. This will make it easier for them to purchase or upgrade their vehicle and lower the barriers to entry for potential new partner-drivers and get more cars on the road more quickly. Newer cars mean greater reliability for our partner-drivers, cleaner emissions for our city and a better quality service for our riders.

Uber is committed to fostering entrepreneurship and helping partner-drivers build their own businesses. The economic opportunity for drivers on the Uber platform is significant: a fully utilised vehicle on Uber is an asset that typically grosses £50,000-70,000 per year. By connecting drivers with a scheme that can help them purchase rather than rent their car, we can ensure that more of this money goes to the driver.

We’re proud to offer riders a reliable, seamless and safe service – but we’re also proud of the entrepreneurial opportunities that our platform gives our partners: the drivers who are really the ones who are keeping London moving.


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