Technology meets tradition: join the Uber platform as a London Cab driver

Black cabs are an integral part of modern London – as iconic as red buses, Big Ben and bobbies on the beat – and London’s cabbies are the finest in the world. In a city that’s been burned and blitzed over the years, The Knowledge gives them the edge on the road. But technology doesn’t have to be at odds with tradition; when the two come together, transport can be seamless.

Uber is committed to bringing choice to riders and opportunity to drivers.  Since our launch in London in 2012, we’ve seen increasing demand for larger vehicles that can seat 5 or more, for vehicles with disabled access and for drivers who know the best routes instinctively. That’s why we’ve launched UberTAXI and have started welcoming London taxi drivers onto our platform.

Why join the Uber platform?

  • Earn more – calculations show that black cab drivers could earn £5,000-£10,000 extra per year by using Uber to pick up fares in their downtime
  • Pay less – Uber’s fee is just 5% of the fare (including credit card processing charges) meaning drivers will take home more of the money they earn
  • Take credit card bookings – go cashless without investing in expensive equipment
  • Reach more passengers – Uber has thousands of active users in London and millions more using the app in 130+ international cities.
  • Remain Iconic – Every tourist visiting London is looking to take a ride, UberTAXI means they can do so in a traditional black cab at the touch of a button
  • Stay safe – knowing the passenger before they step into your cab, as well as reducing the amount of cash carried in the vehicle, means complete security and peace of mind
  • Work flexibly + no commitment – unlike dispatch companies, Uber will never tell you when or where to work; you can log in and out of the app to pick up riders as and when you choose

Not to mention, you’ll get a £50 bonus on signing up, another £50 for completing 5 trips before next Monday (23/06) and a £150 referral bonus for any friend who does more than 10 trips.

Next Steps

  • Register your interest on
  • Email to arrange to meet the team at our central London office
  • Recommend your friends to the platform and receive £150 for every taxi driver who signs up and does 10 journeys

Technology is a wonderful thing – especially when it’s working hand in hand with tradition to make London better.


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