Red Bull and Uber bring you #WINGSONDEMAND

Your typical day on campus summed up in one word: Extremelysuperbusy. Wouldn’t it be great if you could summon a cold can of Red Bull at the tap of a button to help give you the extra study edge you need? On Friday, December 12, you can do just that.

We’ve teamed up with Red Bull to bring you
some extra energy for exams with #wingsondemand.

This Friday, a 4-pack of Red Bull and Uber apparel
will be delivered to you at the tap of a button.
The best part? It’s on us!

Tell your classmates and friends and help spread the news!



1. Download the Uber app and sign up using the promo code RedBullONT

2. Open the app on Friday between 3PM-7PM and you’ll see the Red Bull button at the bottom of the screen

3. Request, and track your Red Bull car in real-time

Already use Uber? Just open your app on Friday between 3PM-7PM and request!

Demand will be heavy and availability limited. If you can’t get #wingsondemand right away, wait a few minutes and request again!

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