Prioritising Safety at Uber London

We are committed to the safety of everyone using Uber.

Hundreds of thousands of Londoners trust Uber to get them around their city safely; night and day and whether they’re travelling alone or with friends. At the same time, thousands of Uber partner-drivers rely on Uber’s service for their livelihood – safely and flexibly.

We’re lucky to have as a foundation some of the highest standards of safety for private hire in the world, put in place and maintained by Transport for London. Uber’s technology is building on these high standards, providing Londoners with a safe option to get around their city.

Your driver

Every driver working on the platform is fully-licensed by Transport for London, has undergone an enhanced Criminal Records check (now called a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check) and carries a TfL Private Hire badge as well as a TfL roundel on their vehicle. UberTAXI drivers, like all black cab drivers, have undergone an enhanced DBS check and display their taxi badge and cab number in the inside of the car.

Uber partner-drivers undergo further vetting and training, including checks of all their personal and vehicle licensing documents. Private hire drivers have to show eight documents to join the platform, including commercial insurance for them and their car to carry passengers. Uber’s system keeps track of every document’s validity – if a document expires, Uber’s system automatically prevents the driver from working on the platform until their documents are in order.

Your App

When you book a car through the Uber app, you are immediately given your driver’s name, photograph, registration plate and past rating from other riders. Knowing exactly who is picking you up means you can be confident that you’re getting into the right licensed car with the right licensed driver that you booked.  You can watch your driver arrive in-app, so you don’t need to leave until you know your ride is waiting for you outside.

If you need to contact the driver, you can do so through the app. Our system anonymises both your and your driver’s number so he or she will never have access to your personal contact details and will not be able to connect to you 30 minutes after the journey ends.

The in-app ‘Share my ETA’ function gives you the option to text a live map of your journey to a friend so they know you’ve arrived safely.

At the end of every journey, you are asked to anonymously rate your driver and leave feedback in the app. This gives Uber real-time feedback, which allows us to respond promptly to any bad experiences. Partner-drivers also have to maintain the high quality standards that Uber requires to continue to use the Uber platform.

Uber’s System

Our system is designed to make travelling in an Uber a safe option to get around – and we’re proud that of the millions of trips taken in London every month, there have only been a handful of incidents that have ever given us cause for concern.

Uber’s system records every trip – the driver, the rider, the pick up and drop off points and the route taken. This means that we have a record of every trip taken – and can act quickly with information readily available if any customer or driver gets in touch.

If anything does go wrong, we can respond quickly. As a rider, you can contact us by replying to your receipt, leaving feedback when you rate your driver, using the in-app support function or by emailing

If we receive a report that a partner-driver has acted dangerously or inappropriately, we immediately suspend that driver, preventing him or her from working on the platform whilst we investigate.

It’s these features and measures that give us confidence in our system; the confidence to recommend it to our own friends and family and to trust that our loved ones are safe as they move around the city. It’s also what drives us to work every day to hold onto the trust people have in Uber and remain a service that the city can rely on.

Check our our safety checklist for more tips on how you can use Uber’s system to keep safe.

Stay safe, London.

Questions, comments or ideas on what we can do to make Uber even safer? We’d love to hear from you. Tweet @Uber_LDN or email

Updated March 17, 2016

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