#KeepLondonMoving! 50% off all rides during the tube strike when you Fare Split

What does it take to stop a Londoner from getting from A to B?

Snow day? Nope. They’ll find a way of getting around, sledging or otherwise. Olympics? Same story: the commuters powered on. Come rain or shine, road closures and rail works, London just isn’t a city that stops.

So seeing as none of us can use the planned tube strike as an excuse for a few days off, we thought we’d do our bit to make it less painful to get around town if they do go ahead.

We’re offering 50% off all rides throughout the 48-hour strike when you Fare Split.

Simply enter the promo code KEEPLONDONMOVING before taking your Fare Split ride.

The more people who share rides, the more can get to where they need to go! Demand will be high, but with thousands of cars on our network, we’ll be there to #KeepLondonMoving no matter what. Surge pricing may still come in to effect at peak hours to keep more drivers on the road, but with the 50% discount, fares will still be cheaper than any normal rate.

Awesome! How do I fare split?

It’s unbelievably simple and you can split fares between two riders or more. After entering the code KEEPLONDONMOVING, you just need to:

  • Request a ride
  • Tap the “up arrow” icon next to your driver’s info
  • Select “Split Fare”
  • Choose your friends
  • Tap “Send”

Your friend(s) then:

  • Tap the link in the text message from Uber
  • Friends who don’t have an Uber account will be prompted to download the app and sign up
  • Your Uber-savvy friends will be taken directly to the Uber app
  • Your friends will confirm they want to split your fare.

That’s it!

Sweet deal! When can I use it?

The strike is due to begin around 21:00 on Monday 28th April throughout the whole of Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th April.

You can’t use this in conjunction with any other offer or credits, but we’ll have you covered with 50% off Fare Split rides (up to a maximum discount of £25) throughout the entire 48-hour strike until 6am on Thursday morning.

Any questions? Email supportlondon@uber.com or tweet us @Uber_LDN.

We’re all in this together, so grab a friend and SPLIT!

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