Introducing #UberGIVING – helping Londoners give back this Christmas

UPDATE: We were overwhelmed by London’s generosity yesterday. To get to as many people and collect as many donations as possible, we’ve extended the #UberGIVING campaign for one more day. Request an #UberGIVING car between 11am and 4pm on Friday 19th December to collect your donations.

Thank you, London!

Most of us look forward to Christmas – the presents; the food; returning to family and loved ones to enjoy the festive period together. But not everyone living in London is so lucky. As temperatures drop and the nights get longer, more of the city’s homeless will turn to shelters to survive.

We’re used to using the Uber app to get a car at the touch of a button – and get where we need to be. We’re proud to provide a reliable ride for Londoners but, this Christmas, we want to do more. With a network of hundreds of thousands of riders and thousands of drivers, this week, we’re using our technology to help London give back.

On Thursday 18th December from 2pm – 8pm, Londoners will be able to request an UberGIVING car to come and collect surplus food from their home or office and donate it to the UK’s leading food charity, FareShare, and homeless shelter, Whitechapel Mission, amongst others. In return, the UberGIVING elves will be dropping off a thank you present in the form of some delicious chocolates from our friends at Lindt.

Whitechapel Mission and FareShare provide help for thousands of people in London. Whitechapel Mission’s invaluable support focuses on treating physical and mental health problems, building self esteem, training and education, securing long-term housing and helping people find stable employment. FareShare provides quality surplus food to 160 charities in the capital, helping these charities to not only provide hot, nutritious meals to people in need, but also invaluable support to help people get back on their feet. But this work can only begin once someone seeking help is warm, dry, clean and well-fed – which is where UberGIVING can help.

What can you do to help?

Start collecting non-perishable food to donate on Thursday:

  • Packets of cereals
  • Packets of biscuits
  • Fruit Juices – apple, orange, pineapple, etc. – that do not require refrigeration
  • Packets of sugar, tea bags, jars of coffee
  • Tins of vegetables and fruit
  • Tins of meat, beans and fish
  • Tins of soup

Between 2pm and 8pm on Thursday, swipe the slider on your app to UberGIVING and request a car – completely free of charge – to pick up your donations and hand over your Christmas treat.

Bask in the warmth that comes with knowing you’ve helped give a Londoner in need a merry Christmas and hope for the New Year.

Thank you,
The Uber London team

We want to hear about your donations! Use the hashtag #UberGIVING.

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