Exam breakfast boost

This week’s Trip of the Week is for all of you sitting exams at the moment – we can all relate to this classic tale of exam-morning-stress!

John had woken up with a cold on the day of a huge exam he’d been working towards for a while. It was a full day of back to back exams, so he knew he had a big day ahead. Registration started at 8.30am so he decided to book an Uber to get him there as quickly as possible. Although he was pleased to see his driver, Samir, arrive a few minutes later, he was feeling pretty anxious about the day ahead and also pretty under the weather.

On the way to the exam John started chatting with Samir about his Algerian heritage trying to keep his mind off his exam, but then he realised after all his rushing about that he’d managed to skip breakfast. Feeling the pangs of hunger and knowing he had a long day to get through, he explained all of this to Samir and asked if they could stop at a cafe for John to pick up breakfast to go. Samir was happy to oblige, but John then realised he’d also managed to forget his wallet!

Luckily Samir came to the rescue, he decided he wasn’t going to let John go to his exam on an empty stomach. So, he turned to him, got out his own wallet and gave John a £10 note. John couldn’t believe Samir could be so kind to a stranger, when he asked him why he would do this, Samir replied that John seemed like a good person and that people should help each other out. Slightly shocked by this response but very greatful John borrowed the money and ran into the cafe and bought breakfast for both himself and Samir, before Samir dropped him off at his exam (which, we’re pleased to say, he aced!).

Well done John for getting through such a stressful start to the day, we’re sending you £100 credit to say thanks for sharing your story with us. We’re also sending £100 to the kind and generous Samir.

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