Cancellation Policy

What’s the Uber cancellation policy? It’s a question we get a lot! You will be charged a £10 cancellation fee if you cancel more than 5 minutes after your driver has been assigned.


  • Simplicity – Peace of mind, knowing you have 5 minutes to cancel in case something comes up.
  • Fairness – Drivers make a commitment to come to you after they accept a trip request and it costs them time and money to get to your location. After more than 5 minutes, it’s only fair that drivers are compensated for the time spent.
  • A Better Uber – When riders cancel frequently, drivers feel burned and are less likely to accept pickups. This leads to drivers rejecting longer pickups or calling clients to make sure that they want a pickup. Uber is efficient and elegant transportation, unnecessary phone calls and rejected pickups are not Uber!

The fine print:

  • If you cancel within 5 minutes, you won’t be charged.
  • If you tap the cancel button after 5 minutes, we will let you know that a £10 fee will apply if you confirm the cancellation.
  • If for any reason your driver takes too long to get to you (has arrived 5 minutes over the original ETA) then we will happily waive the cancellation charge.
  • If you are not at the pickup location or your driver cannot get in touch with you 5 minutes after arriving, our £10 cancellation fee will still apply.

So be sure to cancel as soon as possible to avoid a charge and more importantly, maintain the Uber equilibrium of happy riders and happy drivers. If you want to dispute a charge, just reply to your email receipt and we’ll look into it!

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