Backseat Art: Not Your Average Gallery

We all love a hidden gem, from a £5 note down the back of a sofa to an out-of-the-way restaurant only the locals know about. Along with our friends at Creativepool and SUITCASE Magazine, we want to share with you another secret of your city.

If you take an Uber on 17th September,take a cheeky peek on the backseat – you might just discover 1 of 5 exclusive prints from London’s art scene.*

polly-williams-illustrator nickjackson_london-forprint charliebard_london-forprint eugenechan_london-forprint izzybenner_london-toprint

To find out more about the artists and get an insider’s view on the best places to discover more secrets of London, head to


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Refer your friends with your personal promocode for their chance to discover a hidden gem in their next Uber. They’ll get up to £10 off their first trip** and once they’ve taken a ride, you’ll get up to £10 off your next one too!

*All artwork is subject to availability and there is no guarantee any artwork will be in a vehicle you request via the Uber platform
**New Users Only.
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