uberXL Just Rolled Into Virginia!

Something BIG just rolled into Richmond and Hampton Roads. We’re pumped to announce the arrival of uberXL, the newest high capacity vehicle option in town! With room for up to six riders, uberXL is spacious, convenient and low-cost — think Toyota Highlanders, Honda Odysseys and Ford Explorers.

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WHAT ARE uberXL RATES?        

uberXL offers the affordability of uberX with the room to move your party all over town this holiday season.

uberX uberXL
Base Fare $1.50 $3.00
Per Minute $0.20 $0.25
Per Mile $1.60 $2.50
Minimum Fare $5.00 $7.00


Pro tip: With room for friends, it’s the perfect vehicle option for fare-splitting.

uberXL availability may be limited to start. If you don’t see an SUV immediately, close the app and check back in a few minutes! Questions about our newest Uber family member? Shoot us an email here or tweet at @Uber_VA.

Ride On,

Team Uber VA