Uber’s on Android: Finally!

Of all the user requests that we get each week there has been one consistently at the top, an Android app. So, we listened, we hustled, we sweat, but without further delay, I’d like to introduce, Uber for Android.

Request a Driver

The Android app operates with a similar request flow as the iPhone app but with some really slick new UI tweaks. When setting your pickup location, move the map under the stationary pin and use the entire map to set your location accurately. The information panels on the Android app have a clean transparency that allows you to focus on the map, and where you’re headed. We can confidently say, now it’s time for the iPhone folks to be jealous.

Track the Driver

With the Uber Android app you can have 100% certainty that your driver is coming to you because you can track their location as they approach. You can also easily contact the driver with one touch phone call option.

Similar to the iPhone app, you’ll still get a txt alert when your driver arrives so you can toss your phone in your pocket and just wait for your private driver to arrive.

Share Your Ride

After your ride, you can rate your driver with 1 – 5 stars and your rating will be used for future Uber users to know the quality of their driver. With one click after the ride you can also share your trip on Twitter, or shoot over valuable feedback to our team. Anything from how the app works, to how the driver was, we’re always listening.

Where are you?

It’s important that you make sure location settings are enabled in order for Uber to pick up your location properly. You can use Uber w/o location but it just ain’t the same.

Our goal is to continue to focus on our Android users and keep the app up to par with the iPhone and other platforms. Also, THANK YOU to our beta testers. We got a ton of really great feedback about the app from you and it helped us iron out the wrinkles before the official release. You’re awesome!

Speaking of which, if you were a Beta tester, then you need to un-install the old Uber app and reinstall it from the Market place.

Feel free to reach out with questions: support@ubercab.com or just comment below :)

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