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We asked you to share your best uberPOOL stories, and boy did you deliver.

Hundreds of stories poured in. We read every one and chose our top four, ranging from a sweet gesture to an incredibly unlikely friendship.

Read through the finalists below, then vote for your favorite. The winner — announced Monday, February 9 — will score free uberPOOL rides for a month! Even if you’re not a finalist, you still win with $5 uberPOOL rides anywhere in San Francisco for a limited time.

The uberPOOL Stories Finalists


A Memorable Performance

“Those simple words were exactly what I needed to hear.”

– Veronica

I took uberPOOL to a life-changing job interview last week. I was matched with Barry, and on our way to pick him up, my driver Randall and I were talking about music. I am a musician, and as it turns out, Randall is a professional drummer who just finished a tour with Macy Gray!

Barry hops in the car, and my big interview becomes a topic of conversation. I was nervous. But as the ride came to an end, just as I was about to step out, Barry said, “just think of it as a performance!”

The stress I had been feeling for days washed away with those simple words said by a complete stranger, and everything just clicked. It was exactly what I needed to hear, and one of the interview panelists told me afterward that I was the best interview she had done. I have moved forward in the interview process, and dedicate my performance to two complete strangers who aren’t such strangers anymore thanks to my uberPOOL.



The Soup Savior

“I got to experience a taste of home.”

– Kristen

I requested an uberPOOL home from work when I wasn’t feeling too well. I was en route to Walgreens for medicine, and we picked up another rider on the way named Karen.

I told Karen that I wasn’t feeling well, and she suggested we make a stop at her favorite east coast deli on Polk Street to get matzo ball soup, which she assured me was a good cure for the cold I had. Not only was I matched with a thoughtful, generous rider, but I also got to try a new restaurant, experience a taste of home — I’m from the east coast — and pick up my medicine at the end of the trip.

It’s a few days later, and I’m feeling so much better. Best $5 I’ve ever spent!



It’s a Very, Very Small World

“I’m thankful to have met family I might not have otherwise!”

– Lauren

Last Friday my friend and I got an uberPOOL home for the night and we matched with two older women who seemed to be having a blast post-dinner.

As we got closer to my house, I realized one of the women was my neighbor and asked if she had any children that attended my alma mater, St. Anne’s. It turns out she did, so I asked her if she knew my brother who is closer in age to her daughter.

“Do I know him?! My daughter is having a baby with him!”

How crazy is it, the woman I rode with using uberPOOL is my future niece or nephew’s grandmother! It was definitely a memorable experience, and I’m thankful to have met family I might not have otherwise!



An Unlikely Friendship

“Eight hundred thousand people in SF — and I am matched with this guy?!”

– James

My best uberPOOL story, with my co-rider Nick, happened as I was about to head out of the country.

After a friendly ride, we arrived at our destination. Since it was nighttime and I was in the front seat, it’s the first time we got a good look at each other’s faces. We shake hands, and there’s a moment of recognition.

“You look familiar,” he says.

I was about to say the same thing.

“Are you friends with Annie?”

And … it clicks. Annie is my ex, and we lived together for awhile. She started seeing a new guy not long after the breakup, and I was hurt. That other guy? It was Nick.

Yep, THIS WAS THE DUDE! Eight hundred thousand people in SF and I am matched with the guy my ex dated before she left to go work in Africa?! Nick and I became buds (Facebook official), took a selfie (and joked about sending it to Annie), and have plans to get beers when we both return home!


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