uberPOOL La Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How far will I go out of the way to pick up a second rider?

uberPOOL matches riders with similar routes. A rider requesting an uberPOOL understands that he or she may have to go a little out of the way, but we’ll make sure that it’s not too inconvenient for either rider.

Won’t riders be upset about taking a longer route with uberPOOL than they would with uberX?

Riders who request uberPOOL are choosing to share their ride in exchange for a lower fare. Riders understand that sharing the ride could lead to a slightly longer trip and are ok with that since they are receiving a much lower fare.

How do you know that riders are going in the same direction?

Riders are required to enter their destination when requesting an uberPOOL. We’ll only match up riders who are traveling along a similar route.

How many riders are allowed at a time?

Currently, two riders are allowed per pickup location for a total of four riders in your vehicle. We will communicate this policy to riders, but if a rider shows up with more than two people, we suggest that you kindly request that they cancel that trip and request an uberX.

Luggage will count as an additional passenger!

Will I get an uberPOOL request in the middle of a trip?

Yes, you can get an uberPOOL request before, during, or after picking up the first rider.

What if a rider doesn’t show up?

We’ll make sure that both riders understand that when they request an uberPOOL, another rider and a driver are now depending on them to show up on time. As a driver, we suggest that you wait one minute before calling the rider. If the rider still hasn’t shown up after another minute, cancel the trip and move on.

Can riders change their destination?

No, with uberPOOL dropoff locations are fixed. Riders are not allowed to change their destination after they have requested a ride. If a rider wants to change their destination, kindly request that they cancel and request another uberPOOL.

Which rider should I drop off first?

The Uber Partner App will tell you the most efficient order for all rider pickups and dropoffs.

What happens if I don’t accept the second rider? Will it affect my acceptance rate?

If you do not accept the second rider it will count as a driver cancellation and negatively affect your cancellation rate. However it will not affect your overall star rating.