UberPool BETA For Google

Welcome to the UberPool beta! UberPool provides the same convenience and reliability of uberX, but allows you to share the ride—and the cost—with another person who just happens to be requesting a ride along a similar route. To participate, fill out the form below and you’ll be added to the beta pool ASAP (you’ll see it soon as a vehicle option in the Uber app). Better yet, your first UberPool ride will be free up to $30, no promo code necessary.

This is an early beta product, and there will undoubtedly be kinks and surprises to work through, so here are a few details to keep in mind as you ride throughout the beta period:

  • UberPool is currently intended to connect two individual riders. You will be the only person able to join the ride at the pick up location. If you’re bringing friends, we recommend a classic uberX fare split.
  • There’s another rider in your car, and they’ve got places to go and people to see! Please be prepared to meet your driver as soon as the car arrives—if you’re unable to get to your ride after 2 minutes the ride may leave without you, and you’ll unable to request again until the trip is finished.
  • Until it reaches critical mass, you’re most likely to find an available UberPool ride during standard commute hours (8-11am and 5-8pm).

We’re incredibly excited about the implications shared rides have for the city and for you as riders, and we’re thrilled to have you join us as we launch in SF. If you have any other questions about UberPool, check out our FAQ below or send us a note at supportsf@uber.com.

Team Uber SF


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