A Glance Back at #UberKITTENS


Meow’s it going?

It’s been a little over a week after #UberKITTENS and we are still recovering from the cuteness overload. Everyone went catnip crazy and together we almost broke the Internet. It couldn’t be more clear — YOU.LOVE.KITTENS!!!

Seven cities + Four hours + Uber + Cheezburger + ASPCA – here’s what happened between lots of AWWWWWS.


We delivered kitten playtime all over – small start-ups, nonprofits, campaigns, newsrooms and everywhere in between! UberKITTENS made some serious tracks. While kittens arrived for many of you, as expected we could not keep up the overwhelming number of requests. In fact, it would have required LOTS of kittens.

We would have needed to deliver over 30,000 kittens to fulfill all of the #UberKITTENS requests. Thankfully there aren’t that many homeless kittens!

If we lined them all up, they would be taller than Mt. Everest!

Other things we learned!

  • Over 200% more kittens were delivered compared to last year
  • San Francisco loves kittens the most – while Phoenix appears to be a dog city.
  • #UberKITTENS was trending number two after #NationalCatDay
  • DC made it rain for kittens! Thank you for being the most generous
  • Seattleites will take home a kitten if you let them hold it long enough. High five on the most adoptions!
  • All participating shelters saw increased donations and adoptions!
  • If kittens could read, they would be big fans of Vanity Fair.


#UberKITTENS raised over $17,000 for participating shelters and 21 kittens were adopted across Austin, Chicago, DC, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco & Seattle!

Thanks for making National Cat Day & UberKITTENS Purrrrrfect!

Team Uber Kittens

P.S. UberKITTENS may have passed, but you can still cuddle for a cause! Here’s how to donate to a shelter or adopt:

Austin Humane Society | Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society | Washington Humane Society | NYC ASPCA | Arizona Humane Society | SF SPCA | Seattle Humane Society


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