When we set out to offer kitten snuggling on-demand, we knew you would be excited, but we had no idea you would go catnip-crazy! :)

For some, we made the impossible happen – a little, fluffy, snuggly kitty that actually came to you when you called it. Others, sadly, were kittenless due to incredibly high-demand. :( We would have loved to deliver kitten snuggles to everyone, but to do so we would have needed A LOT more kittens.


In order to fulfill every request for UberKITTENS, we would have needed 217x more cats – 5,223 if you want to be exact.

That’s about 1,044 kittens delivered every hour.

kitten on phone

Even Kittens wanted to request UberKITTENS!

Thankfully, the local shelters don’t have that many kittens up for adoption.

So, how many of our kitten friends found homes? Six of the kittens chauffeured around last Tuesday were adopted! Thanks to all of you, the shelters saw increased donations – not just as a direct result of our delivering kittens, but as an indirect result of all of you going to their websites and sharing the love. Awwwwww.

In the end, #ICanHasUberKittens raised a total of $14,268 for the shelters in Seattle, New York City, and San Francisco.



Team Uber Seattle, San Francisco, and New York City

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