The humble garlic clove is a bona fide superstar. Nearly every culture in the world loves what garlic brings to the table, but the roots of garlic history go much deeper than a way to punch up pasta sauce. Here are just a few of the major milestones in garlic history: 4000 BCE Ancient farmers […]

Wait a minute, what are you waiting for? One simple brunch hack.

Brunch is a year-round pleasure, but there’s something about springtime and Easter that makes people crave a delicious mid-morning meal more than ever. So we queue up and wait. And wait. But why—when there’s a much better option? We present the facts: Wait times. The wait times for brunch around the country are crazy: In […]

Don’t cheat eat during tax season: Take 5 deep breaths & order up some Zen

So, the tax deadline is coming fast. You know you need to fill out that form, but the thought stresses you out completely. Relax! Tax day angst doesn’t have to overwhelm, not when there are delicious foods out there that ease nervous tension naturally. UberEATS delivers all the food you love, and we can recommend […]

Picnic Day Planning 101

Sun’s out, birds are chirping and there’s a breeze in the air that’s calling your name. Don’t stay in—head out for a fabulous picnic wherever you are. We’ll help make it easy with our quick tips for your first picnic of the season. 1. Assemble your squad Your picnic goal is to relax and enjoy […]

Party Safely On St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just for those who hail from the Emerald Isle or are one of the 33 million Irish-Americans in the US. In fact, last year more than half of Americans celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, which is considered one of the most popular drinking days in the country. Cities large and small are […]

A Taste of History

African American culinary traditions and flavors have influenced the way Americans eat, from the introduction of okra to the fine Southern tradition of gumbo. Throughout Black History Month, we’re celebrating African American culture by introducing you to some of the country’s best black chefs. Below, they share how making food has helped connect them to their communities […]

5 UberEATS Valentine’s Day Date Hacks

Love is all you need but there is an old saying that (more or less) says, “The fastest way to someone’s heart is through his or her belly.” In that spirit, here are some fun ways UberEATS can help you win your love’s heart deliciously this Valentine’s Day. Breakfast in bed Start the day of […]

Four fresh takes for every day in February

January and its resolutions are in the rear-view mirror. You’ve either been working out like an Olympian and eating your veggies or trying (and trying) to make more healthy choices. It’s okay. We’ve all been there. You need a fresh start. Here’s how you can make healthy choices part of each day—and how UberEATS can […]

5 tips for throwing a last-minute viewing party with UberEATS

Awards season is here—get ready for the gowns…the glamor…the guacamole. That’s right, guacamole. Or maybe you’d prefer pizza and wings. Or sushi. Whatever you’re craving, Hollywood’s biggest nights are a great excuse for an impromptu fiesta. On the menu: local favorites, delivered fast with UberEATS. And in case you’re a little behind on reading the […]

Hack the holidays with UberEATS

For all of December–get free delivery on UberEATS orders over $50. Choose from more than 100 of your fave local restaurants and have a hot meal on the table without stress or mess. You can even sit down and eat with everyone else. Save time–and keep the whole fam fed and entertained.