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Dessert Pizza: Why you’re gonna want a pizza this.

  What happens when you take one of our favorite foods and turn it into an amazingly sweet, mouthwatering dessert? Well, when it’s dessert pizza, just about anything can happen, actually. As far as dessert ideas go, this one is a winner. It’s the perfect balance of textures and there is almost no limit to […]

14 unusual food BFFs that prove some of the best friendships are also pretty weird

You can pick your friends. You can pick your food. You can’t always pick your food’s friends.   On #FriendshipDay, we want to introduce you to some unusual food friends—odd couples who make the unlikeliest combinations amazing, just like you and your friends. In the end, isn’t what makes you guys different also what makes […]

Get your McDonald’s with a side of SWAG. You’ll love it.

We’re celebrating our awesome partnership with McDonald’s by treating you to some special surprises you can only get through UberEATS. It’s a world-wide good time, and we’re doing it up big. Here’s what you need to know: On July 26th, we’ll be surprising thousands of customers around the world with special deliveries that include a […]

Give Dad a Gift He’ll Savor

Dads. They’re pretty simple. They love to yell at us about turning off lights we’re not using or fix things with duct tape. They’ve been the same for generations, which is great, because we know we can count on dad. But should dad’s predictability make our Father’s Day gift-giving predictable too? We think not. We’re […]

Donut Day: The Hole-iest Food Holiday of the Year

Quick, what’s your favorite donut? Which day of the week do you crave glazed goodness the most? We all have our own donut story, but on National Donut Day, it’s time to come together and recognize the universal appeal of that sweet circle of dough. We did a deep dunk into the data and turned […]

Spend More Time Chilling, Less Time Grilling

We waited all winter. We stared longingly at our flip flops. We checked the weather channel diligently. At last, it’s the season of long afternoons, cool watermelon, hot sun and cooking out. This season is too precious to waste, so here are three things you can do to make the most of every balmy day […]

It’s never too much for mom

Isn’t your mom the best? She worked hard to make you into the wonderful, thoughtful human being you are. That’s why it’s important that you show her what a good job she did with a lovely little something—or a whole lotta something—from UberEATS on Mother’s Day. Now, in case you aren’t quite as clever and […]

The Cinco de Mayo Throwdown: Tacos vs Burritos (Spoiler alert-—everybody wins!)

It’s not every day that we take two of the food world’s heaviest hitters and put them head to head. But we’ll make an exception for Cinco de Mayo. To that end, we took a look at the past year of UberEATS data to answer some unthinkable questions, like: which is more popular, the taco […]

Did you know? The Roots of Garlic History

The humble garlic clove is a bona fide superstar. Nearly every culture in the world loves what garlic brings to the table, but the roots of garlic history go much deeper than a way to punch up pasta sauce. Here are just a few of the major milestones in garlic history: 4000 BCE Ancient farmers […]

Wait a minute, what are you waiting for? One simple brunch hack.

Brunch is a year-round pleasure, but there’s something about springtime and Easter that makes people crave a delicious mid-morning meal more than ever. So we queue up and wait. And wait. But why—when there’s a much better option? We present the facts: Wait times. The wait times for brunch around the country are crazy: In […]