The Uber Love Doctor

In addition to our day-to-day job of returning rider’s lost items, inspecting floor mats of luxury vehicles, and ensuring that “Ubering” becomes a commonly-used verb, we’ve taken up another profession: Love Doctors. Back in October, we were able to help our man Josh with his engagement, and it turns out he wasn’t the only person to call up the Uber Love Doctor. Since then, we’ve had three more engagements, and even facilitated a birth! In honor of Valentine’s Day, we present three #UberLove stories. :)

Engagement #1 – “I approached Uber as a part of my super secret surprise engagement plan. From the get go, Uber was extremely helpful in assisting in planning and setup for my engagement surprise. I worked hand in hand with them developing a strategy that would work, and once the final product was in place we were good to go. When the engagement happened, the car was waiting there with an umbrella in hand, and the driver was so happy for us. My experience with Uber and my engagement will not soon be forgotten.” – Zach, @zacharywright

Dan & Leah

Engagement #2 – “After spending a day out on the town including a lunch at Sweetwater, Ice Skating at the Pier, and a couples message celebrating our ‘Anniversary’… we came back to our apartment littered in candles, rose pedals and champagne. Here is where I popped the big question. Then to her surprise, I had an Uber (Chrysler 300) navigate us through the city and take us to our secret destination. What Leah thought was going to be a romantic dinner, turned out to be 50 of our closest friends and family at Lou Malnati’s pizza ready for the engagement party. Uber definitely set the mood and contributed to a very special day.” – Dan, @OraInteractive

Jonathan & his Fiance

Engagement #3 – “I wanted to surprise my girlfriend and take her back to the spot of our first date (Willis Tower Skydeck) for our marriage proposal. This was no problem for me because I work across from the Willis Tower, but it was logistically a problem to both let Dana know she needed to meet me and also how she should get from North Michigan Avenue to the Willis Tower. Quality and privacy were two important considerations. There was not a hesitation as to what car service I would use. Since Uber arrived in Chicago, we have taken rides together across the city and always with a fresh car and driver. In fact, we used Uber to get home from dinner a few nights before the proposal.

The Community Manager for Uber jumped on the chance to help. He worked with me on the logistics with great detail all the way up to the morning of the proposal. Uber was terrific and now my new fiancé and I are riders for life.” – Jonathan

‘Tis the season for the Uber Love Doctor to strike again, however, and this time it will be worldwide! Every Uber city will have a surprise for our riders on Tuesday 2/14/12. Check your local Tumblr accounts at the links below for more details on Valentine’s Day festivities.

With Love,

Uber Chicago on behalf of Uber worldwide

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