Uber User of the Week: Adam D’Augelli

Every week we showcase a tremendous Uber user and throw some credits his or her way. This week’s remarkable rider is Mr. Adam D’Augelli. You may know him for his work at venture capital firm, True Ventures, (disclosure: True Ventures is not an investor in Uber) but we know him as a frequent & supportive, truly Uber, user.


Here’s Adam’s take on Uber:

I think Uber is one of the most awesome innovations in local travel ever. Beyond being terribly convenient, the whole user experience is just fun, as it really personalizes the whole event.

I use Uber because of the real-time feedback on pick-up time.

For taxis, I’d call and they’d answer and then tell me an arbitrary time that they’re probably lying about. Then I’d wait to get an automated phone call telling me the cab is outside (which it never is.)

I use Uber because I can follow the person who is picking me up and I know who it will be.  I can watch them come towards me and I know they’re going to pick me up. Just having the transparency to see that totally makes Uber worth it for me.


We love these simple anecdotes and we’re stoked to see Uber simplifying and personalizing your transportation experiences. Adam, enjoy your free ride!

Update: Adam recently added a blogpost, “Reasons Why I love Uber” on his blog, Life in Beta. He goes beyond why he personally enjoys Uber and examines what Uber means in the realm of innovation. Check it.

If you think you should be ‘Uber User of the Week,’ email us at support@ubercab.com with why you think you should reign; whether you had an amazing experience or want to gush your Uber love, we’d always like to hear from you!