Uber “Secret Testing Phase” Begins in Vancouver!

Life in Hollywood North can be filled with drama, but that doesn’t mean your transportation needs to be.

Vancouver seems to be hot for Uber! Ever since our Happy Hour two weeks ago, people have been trying to request cars all throughout the city. So it comes as no surprise that we found ourselves with both our Rider Zero and Rider One coming only mere seconds apart. Real Housewife of Vancouver star Reiko MacKenzie snagged up the distinguished Rider Zero honour from the comfort of her hotel downtown. Designer bag in one hand and iPhone in the other, Reiko decided to forgo her stable of Ferrari’s this evening, instead opening the app to find a Secret Uber downtown. Minutes after requesting, Rocket rolled up in a signature black town car to escort Reiko to her destination.

Mere seconds later, Vancouver tech mogul and CEO of Hootsuite Ryan Holmes, with entourage in tow, snuck in as as Rider One in our closest race yet. No slouch when it comes to technology, Ryan was laser quick to notice our Secret Ubers pop up in the app.

PLEASE NOTE: Uber Vancouver is in research mode. While there are some cars on the road, please keep this in mind as your experience during our “Secret Uber Phase” may not blow your mind in the way it will once we officially launch (though there is a good chance it will). We’re still in the process of building our supply and hitting the perfect price point, so feedback is welcome! Please send your thoughts to supportVancouver@uber.com or share your experience with us on Twitter @Uber_VAN. Stay tuned for launch updates.

Warning: Adventurous Riders Only.

Welcome to #VancUBER.

Team @Uber_VAN

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