Uber Saved the Stranded

One of our awesome drivers recently told me an amazing (and true) story about how the Uber app saved a user. Here’s how it goes…

A user was out for a run in the Outer Richmond. She was almost to the beach, carrying nothing but an iPhone & headphones. Apparently she was about four miles away from home when she sprung off of a curb in just the wrong way, going down hard.

After the fall she attempted to standup, but her ankle couldn’t manage it. She tried to “walk it off,” hobbling for a few blocks, but it was simply too painful. Being far from her house, alone, and in an unfamiliar neighborhood, she realized that there was really only one thing she could do…call an Uber.

She hit the button on the Uber app, got a driver confirmation, and a few minutes later Jesse, her driver (and this time savior), called to tell her he would be there in two minutes. As they connected, Jesse realized she was struggling, helped her into the car and got her safely back home.

As the runner had only an iPhone & headphones in hand, she was literally stranded. However, she managed to get home safely and quickly, seeing the value of having transportation that she could trust even when she didn’t know she’d need it.

This was honestly, one of the coolest Uber stories I’ve heard yet. Do you have a story that you’d like to share with the Uber team? Let us know and we might just write about it.

Email us at info@ubercab.com or comment below!

– Ryan G

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