Uber Melbourne Statement

This is a terrible crime and our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the victim and her family. It is our policy to immediately deactivate a partner-driver following any such allegation, which we have done. We will continue working diligently to assist the authorities in any way we can.
Here is some additional information:
  • We have been in direct contact with both the victim’s family and law enforcement since learning of the event earlier this month. We have been working with the police to give them any information they need.
  • In Melbourne, all uberX partners undergo full criminal and driving history background checks before they are allowed to drive on the platform.
  • A full Australian Federal Police criminal background check was completed in September 2014 for this particular partner-driver and it was confirmed he had no criminal history
  • This is the agency website for the criminal background checks we do in Australia http://www.crimtrac.com.au/
  • A driving history check was also completed with VicRoads for this partner-driver in September 2014 which confirmed a clean driving history
  • See more information on our background checks here