Uber for Business: These Rules Aren’t Made To Be Broken

Today we are adding new policy controls within the Uber for Business dashboard that allow company administrators to customize their Uber ride policy so it’s tailor-made to suit the needs of their business and their employees. With these controls, administrators can fine-tune the day, time, and pick up location of pre-approved Uber trips  and the rules are automatically applied in their employee’s Uber app.

One of the top challenges that organizations face in expense management is compliance with travel policy. *

These features automate the process of ensuring that only in-policy trips are taken on the Uber for Business account. And more controls are coming soon. So say goodbye to complicated reimbursements, flagging expense reports, and tedious approval processes — say hello to 100% in-policy rides.

Unprecedented Control:


Day, time, or pick up location settings allow administrators to seamlessly set the ride policy that makes the most sense for their business and for their employees.  

Guaranteed Compliance: 


Business administrators have always had the ability to manage and track total spend. By adding a ride policy into the Uber app, they can now automatically ensure only in-policy trips can be taken on the company account before the ride ever happens.

A lot is possible with just these simple controls: during testing, nearly every beta partner used the new controls to offer their employees safe, reliable rides home after late nights in the office.

To enable this, simply set the days and time – for example Mon – Fri, 8 pm until 5 am for rides originating from the office  and employees can get home safely via a company-sponsored Uber ride after going the extra mile at the office.

Since July, thousands of companies have joined our business platform and hundreds of thousands of business trips have taken place around the world. We estimate that companies are saving on average $1,000 per employee every year by switching to Uber for Business. These new controls will provide even more cost savings and we hope enable businesses to turn their focus back to what really matters.

Here’s what companies are already saying about the new features:

“With Uber, it’s a guarantee that if someone is staying after hours they will not have to worry about missing the bus, walking to a train, or hailing a cab.”

-Jay Hoffman, Co-Founder, Rocketmiles

“With these new features from Uber for Business, we will be able to ensure trips with Uber are always in policy, leaving us the valuable time to focus our resources and energy on our talent and clients instead of tedious travel compliance.”

– Jarod Jordan, VP, Thuzio

“We have a lot of after hours events where public transit isn’t available or safe. Helping to provide safe passage home for special late events is the least we can do.”

-Patrick MacCartee, Owner, Tank18

We launched Uber for Business with the goals of helping business travelers everywhere get around more easily and more seamlessly, while also helping companies save money and better manage their travel budgets.

Get started with these new features by creating a business account and join the Uber movement today.

*Travel and Expense Management Technology Insight Report

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