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With a shared vision for new solutions and innovation for urban mobility, we are proud to announce that we have partnered with Climate Week Paris. From 20th – 24th May 2015, all uberPOP rides switch to uberPOOL!

What is uberPOOL?

uberPOOL is Uber’s shared transportation option, based on uberPOP. The concept is easy: Uber riders will get matched with others who are located nearby and going in the same direction. The fare for the shared portion of the trip is automatically shared among the passengers – resulting in savings of up to 50% on uberPOP.

uberPOOL Prices EN

How does uberPOOL work?

  • Select the option ‘uberPOOL’ at the bottom left of your screen
  • Enter your destination address and request your ride.*
  • Our app will match you with one or more people to share your ride with
  • No matched riders? You’ll still get 10% off your fare!

*Groups of 1-2 passengers per request.


Shared mobility for cities of the future

In Île-de-France, more than 15.5 million trips are made each day in personal vehicles. With traffic congestion reaching record levels, the average Parisian spends 78 minutes per day sitting in traffic. And they are largely stuck in traffic by themselves: each vehicle in Île-de-France holds less than 1.28 occupants on average. By making it easier for people to share resources, we believe that uberPOOL’s affordability makes it a reliable alternative to personal car ownership. We are proud to contribute to an innovative use of resources that will impact urban development, reduce emissions, and help cities become more efficient.


By bringing together global decision-makers from government and the private sector, Climate Week Paris is urging national governments to implement robust policies of their own, which in turn will provide the right signals to business to scale up their low carbon activities. We believe that innovative solutions such as UberPOOL will unleash innovation and help create a stronger economy. – Mark Kenber, CEO, The Climate Group, the Secretariat of Climate Week Paris


See you soon in an uberPOOL!