Truck Driver Jobs Vs. Driving with Uber

Back before people had jobs driving delivery trucks, long-haul semi-trailer trucks or even moving trucks, we used to move goods around the country the old-fashioned way–by railroad. Later, with the construction of the interstate highway system, driving a heavy truck and moving goods between warehouses, distribution centers and shipping ports became a popular job in many states. People interested in these types of truck driving jobs need to be at least 21, have a Commercial Driver’s License, pass a physical test and either go to a truck driving school or attend a truck driving course for several months.

Of course, if you like driving, but don’t want a job that requires you to be away from home on long-haul routes, driving with Uber is a very popular new options. Plus, with Uber you don’t need a special commercial license, you don’t need to go to extra truck driving school, and you can earn great money on your own flexible schedule.



Truck Driver Job, Heavy Truck Driver Job Earnings Comparison



Uber Driver Partner Growth Rate in the US Over Time



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You Get to Make Good Money

Turn your car into a cash machine. People are looking for rides all over town, come help them get from A to B and get paid weekly in fares.

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You Get to Drive When You Want

Looking for a flexible way to make money on your schedule? As an independent contractor with Uber, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility you need to never miss life’s most important moments.

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You Get To Be Your Own Boss

With Uber you can never be late because you only drive when you feel like it. No more punching the clock, or reporting to somebody else. Whether you’re supporting your family or saving for something big, Uber lets you get behind the wheel and make money on your terms.

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You Get Uber Support

Have questions about your earnings statement or need help with your documents? You can get support whenever you need it from your local Partner Support team.

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You Get Friendly Riders

Uber’s community of riders are rated and approved by drivers like you. You’ll always know who you’re picking up, and where you’re going.


If you’re looking for a straightforward sign-up process, a fast growing opportunity, and a way to get paid weekly for driving your own car, we hope you’ll take Uber for a spin.

NOTE: This opportunity is for an independent contractor. All earnings quoted are in fares and based on actual partner earnings data.