Don’t be spooked by Halloween!

Lots of ghosts and ghouls will need rides this Friday night, and we’ll be here to be the most reliable option in town. Come dressed up with all the knowledge you’ll need to get around safely and conveniently.

Hello Canada!

Sometimes with all the craziness of things like Ice Cream On-Demand, uberCHOPPER and delivering POUTINE throughout the city, we often forget to just say, hi! So let us introduce ourselves…

The Spotlight is on Toronto

The spotlight is on Toronto, and we’re suiting up 100 of our top uberTAXI driver partners to make sure everyone is #SpiffForTIFF!

Uber becomes UBEER?

We’ve joined forces with Hogtown Brewers to create the HopInIPA beer, and we want to celebrate! Come join us at Lisa Marie on Thursday night to be one of the first to try out our new beer, and get a free Uber there!

#NeighbourhoodLove is Coming to the Junction

Neighbourhood Love is coming to Toronto, and our first stop is the Junction! From now until June 2nd, we’re unlocking free rides for everyone to get to and from the Junction, and enjoy some sweet deals with local business’ during your visit!

Winners Announced: Your Favourite Toronto #FiveStarRides

From an Uber partner who paid for a rider’s IKEA bill, to a partner that facilitated a McDonald’s picnic in the back of their car – it’s time to vote for your favourite Toronto #FiveStarRide!

Share your #FiveStarRide. Win A Month of Free Uber

Toronto: Share your #FiveStarRide to win a month of FREE Uber.

Momofuku Daishō x Uber: 25% off your lunch, 25% off your TAXI

Enjoy 25% off your lunch at Momofuku Daishō and 25% off your uberTAXI ride. Lunch doesn’t get much better than that!

We’re Doubling Referral Credits for the New Year

Cheers to the New Year! We want to make sure you start 2014 off on the right foot, so we’re doubling our referral bonus in every Uber city around the world. Invite your friends to try Uber through January 20th, and for each friend that rides you’ll receive $20 in free Uber CAD credit instead of the usual $10.

Free Taxi Week!

Free Uber TAXI Week in Toronto (Mon – Wed)