meet the team

Behind The App – Meet Your Uber Toronto Team.

Uber’s technology is revolutionizing the way people move around this city, and there’s a dedicated Canadian team behind the app that help make this a reality each and every day. We joined Uber because we’re passionate about making our city better.

Hello Canada!

Sometimes with all the craziness of things like Ice Cream On-Demand, uberCHOPPER and delivering POUTINE throughout the city, we often forget to just say, hi! So let us introduce ourselves…

Meet Rachel: Marketing Manager

Ice cream trucks, poutine, and UberBOATs…Toronto, it’s time to meet Rachel! She is bringing you the things you want, on-demand.

Meet Ian, Uber Toronto’s General Manager

With an established history at Bain Consulting, Google and his own start up, Ian is the man that is taking Uber to new heights in Toronto!

Uber becomes UBEER?

We’ve joined forces with Hogtown Brewers to create the HopInIPA beer, and we want to celebrate! Come join us at Lisa Marie on Thursday night to be one of the first to try out our new beer, and get a free Uber there!

Meet Ben, Driver Operations Manager

Sitting in an airport during one of his many trips to Minneapolis on a consulting gig, Ben read a Facebook post from Lucas who was promoting the magical opportunity to work at Uber. He took a leap and never looked back.

Meet Lucas: Marketing Manager

Meet the man who makes the secret sauce that’s in the Uber Toronto recipe! Lucas is here to share a bit about himself along with some of his favourite Toronto spots.