Today we celebrate the women that drive Uber forward!

Today we want to celebrate International Women’s day as we believe that it is important to celebrate the achievements of all women and feel proud of where we have arrived. At Uber in Europe and Africa we wanted to do this by letting the women that drive the Uber business forward tell their stories. We know that they work very hard to make sure that you all get home safely at night, get to an important appointment in time and that you always have both the comfort and service you deserve during your trip. For those who met them, you will know they are incredible drivers… and we want to clear up the myth that women can’t drive once and for all!

Uber_London_NEWUber_Mil_NEWUber_BER_NEWUber_JoB_NEWOn this day, we decided to let a few of them tell you their experience and what life is like as an Uber partner. We have also asked them to share some tips for other women entrepreneurs out there  on how they can best succeed and learn from their example.

We hope you celebrate this day with all the women that make your life special every day.

Happy Womens’ Day to all our Partners and Users around the World,

The Uber Team

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