TNC Permit Granted

Last updated: 7 Dec 2015

On-demand transportation has forever changed the landscape in California. In shaping new regulations that protect and benefit consumers, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has been a global leader in embracing pro-consumer transportation options.

We are excited to announce that Uber’s ridesharing subsidiary Rasier-CA LLC received a TNC permit from the CPUC on April 7.

Across the Golden State, California residents have adopted Uber as their favorite way to move around. The unprecedented growth in this industry and the leadership shown by California’s regulatory leaders sends a clear message. The innovation economy is thriving in California and the roadmap is simple: public safety and consumer choice go hand in hand. Uber’s insurance and safety policies mean that consumers are easily able to connect a safe ride.

Uber is a California company, born here and raised around the world.  That’s why we couldn’t be prouder that it’s California’s consumers that are winning big under California’s TNC structure.  Affordable, reliable and safe transportation choice has found a permanent home in the third largest economy in the world – Uber is here, at the touch of a button.