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Hi uberX Partners,

Uber is all about flexibility, you can log on when you want, work where you want and do as much or a little as you like. We’ve noticed a lot of Partners doing work up in Melbourne on days where there is less demand in Geelong so we’re going to start including all of our Partners in our Melbourne communications and incentives.

What this means for you is that in addition to Geelong specific incentives, you will also have access to all Melbourne incentives and promotions so you can choose where you want to work and be guaranteed the same benefits and opportunities as Melbourne Partners. We’ve split them out so you can clearly see which ones apply in Geelong, and which ones apply in Melbourne. The “Geelong” region stops at Lara, anything south of Lara will be Geelong, anything North of Lara will be considered Melbourne, see the map at the top for more details.

We will be trialling this incentive structure for a month and we’d love to hear your feedback but please wait a couple of weeks so you can see how it changes things like earnings, then let us know what you think at:





Applies to trips in Melbourne and Geelong

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Please note that there is a trips per hour requirement for this incentive. You shouldn’t have trouble hitting 1.5 tph in Melbourne in Geelong on a Friday or Saturday night but if you are driving mornings or evenings during the week in Geelong, then you will need to be mindful of this requirement.

How is the incentive calculated?

Uber Partner Shirley is online for 25 hours, during the incentivised hours, earns $500 in fares and meets all conditions.

Uber’s guarantee:  25 x $28 = $700 in gross fares

Incentive payout: ($700 – $500) * 0.8 = $160

A couple of things to note with the guarantee:

  • the guarantee is for total fares (before commission)
  • tolls are included in the gross fare amount by our system – add tolls to fares on your payment statement to get the number we use
  • any top up will be reflected in the miscellaneous payments in your payment statement (you won’t see it on the phone)

Average $15/trip Guarantee

increasing to $18/trip if you do more than 30 trips in Geelong per week

Applies only in Geelong

When you are working in Geelong, you will be guaranteed an average of $15/trip for all trips you do in the Geelong. If you do more than 30 trips a week in Geelong, we’ll increase that to $18/trip for all your trips across the week in Geelong.


  • 90% acceptance rate in the service zone

How is the incentive calculated?

Uber Partner Richard works 45 hours across the week, does 41 trips in Geelong and makes $600 in fares. He also meets the acceptance rate condition above.

Uber’s guarantee: 41 x $18 = $738 in gross fares

Incentive payout: ($738 – $600) * 0.8 = $110.40

Please note: Your incentive payments will appear as miscellaneous statements on your incentives and are an additional payment on top of your earnings from fares. The 0.8 multiple is to account for the 20% commission Uber charges.

The way the incentives will be calculated is we will first check the $28/hr incentive. If you made the trips per hour and the acceptance rate requirements but didn’t get an average of $28/hr then we will top you up.

Then we will check the $15/$18 trip incentive. We will add the payout (if any) from the Peak and Offpeak top-up and use this to calculate the average trip value for your trips in Geelong.

The two incentives are independent, you can qualify for the $15/$18 incentive even if you didn’t qualify for the $28/hr one.


 Referral bonuses

Know friends in Geelong that meet all the requirements for uberX and want to drive? Well then you’re sitting on a goldmine! We’re offering $100 for every referred driver who comes online and completes 20 trips!  All you need to do is refer them through your app by clicking the big blue button. Please note this only applies to partners who register a car with Uber. The referral will be paid out once 10 trips have been completed. Some of you are having trouble seeing the referral button. Try hard closing the Uber app and it should work after that. Here’s how you do it

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 12.14.37 pm

We’re excited about these extra opportunities and we hope you are too. Look forward to seeing you online!

The Uber Geelong Team

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