UberX Document Requirements

If you are missing documents, please take a clean photo or scan of the necessary documents and send it through to vicdocs@uber.com, or respond directly to the email you received.

Read below for details on the individual documents required.

Driver’s Licence

  • Must be valid
  • Must be full or open (probationary licences are not accepted)
  • Make sure you take the photo on a white background so we can see the expiry date.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 6.28.54 pm

 Passport, birth certificate or citizenship certificate

  • You only need to provide us with one of these, not all 3!
  • International passport and birth certificates are ok
  • An expired passport is ok, but it must have expired within the last 2 years


Vehicle insurance

  • Must show your name as either the holder or a listed driver
  • Must show the vehicle registration number (licence plate)
  • Must show a valid expiry date
  • Must show they type of insurance (needs to be Third Party Property or greater)

If you do not have this, you can call your insurance provider and ask for a ‘Certificate of Currency’. They will be able to email this through to you and it should have all the information above.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.14.56 am

 Any questions?

Please contact us at partnersmelbourne@uber.com